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INSIDE: decals part 2
Posted by Sal Taylor Kydd on 7/20/2009

I had a long and protracted battle trying to source the wall designs you see pictured in my previous post from the Venice House & Garden Tour. I was sure they were decals, but discovered they are actually a wallpaper series from¬† Loui Loui and the wallpaper is Amelia. I just love these designs! However I was certain to have seen something similar in a store in Venice. So I hunted high and low - thinking it was in A+R - but no,¬† the source was Weego Home, a very cool design store on Main St, Santa Monica. Check out more of the lovely designs online. Of course, they won’t really work in my house now - but I enjoyed tracking them down nonetheless!

Addendum: Cerentha is writing about decals too over at This is a Design Blog - check out her cool find from Byrdie Graphics available through Etsy.

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INSIDE: deck the halls
Posted by Sal Taylor Kydd on 3/28/2008

SAL: Forgive the holiday tone to my title - but you know how I love my wallpaper! Now that it looks like Kydd House may not happen - mortgage crisis, unreliable income, suffice to say long story! I am going to have to find some outlet for my designerlust. Our current place does need that finishing touch - we moved in two weeks before Oliver was born, and well, then there was Lola… You know how it goes. So now the fog is lifting and my thoughts are turning inward as I look around our current place and what needs to be done. Check out the great wallpaper guide from Domino magazine this month. Great advice on calculating how much you need, how to hang it and what styles work well in what kinds of rooms.

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INSIDE: the uk is aok
Posted by Meredith Alexander on 2/20/2008

MEREDITH: Hello out there in Harry and Sal land. My name is Meredith and I have a little site called The Acme Sharing Company which is a place to find family activities that teach kids about giving back. SO, needless to say, I don’t get to blog about my favorite yummies; toys, books, gifts, furniture, etc. Now, here is my chance, thank you Sal!

In honor of Sal’s heritage, I wanted to share with you the most fabulous Lizzie Allen wallpaper. I think these palace guards would work in both a traditional playroom or a super funky modern nursery. Being an anglophile and all around wannabe Brit, I am thinking that, for me, this might just be overkill since I have already hung Union Jack flags in my son’s room in lieu of curtains. God Save the Queen!

Categories: 2008, Kids, Meredith, Textiles, Walls

INSIDE: enfant terrible
Posted by Sal Taylor Kydd on 2/02/2008

SAL: If you do manage to get away from primary colors for your child’s nursery, I sadly (or happily I can’t quite make up my mind) did not - then enjoy this wonderful tree made with vintage wallpapers for your wee ones decor. These come courtesy of Enfant Terrible - an online store with a wealth of whimsy and interesting playthings and yumminess for the smallest members of your family. Speaking of nursery decor, the final product of my reinvention of Oliver and Lola’s room you can see below. I shamelessly raided Ikea for inspiration - but you know what? It works, it’s fun and it was totally reasonable!

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INSIDE: graham & brown
Posted by Sal Taylor Kydd on 11/06/2007

SAL: I love wallpaper and I love to do what I can to be responsible about the resources I use. It hasn’t always been the case, but now, I reuse and recycle where I can, I think about what goes in the trash and I think about the origins of what I buy. So I was pleased to see when reading one of my favorite blogs Jetson Green, that wallpaper company Graham & Brown now pride themselves, not only in making fabulous wallpaper, but also in making about 50% of their product from renewable resources - all their papers carry the FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) logo to show that the paper comes from sustainably managed forests. Graham & Brown have a detailed Environmental Policy that you can download from their website which details more of their efforts, such as using recycled rainwater, special drainage systems to reduce runoff, and use non-acidic inks and coatings, which are more eco-friendly than conventional methods.

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