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Archive for Outdoor

OUTSIDE: lazy days
Posted by Sal Taylor Kydd on 10/04/2007

SAL: Before I continue on my outdoor theme, a brief disclaimer. I know most of you are heading into Winter - so, you may wonder, why do an outdoor theme now? Well in my house anyway, Fall is a time for sorting and storing, packing things away and generally having a bit of a clear out and the garden is no exception. So what better a time to review your outdoor options? Also here in sunny SoCal and in Harry’s neck of the woods Down Under, the sun still shines, and I for one am making the most of it! With that being said, check out the Fatboy Headdemock. You can hang it from a tree or use the support frame and place it anywhere, perfect for a snuggle with the little ones, a blanket and some cocoa on these crisp Fall evenings.

Categories: 711, Furniture, Outdoor

OUTSIDE: it’s a numbers game
Posted by Sal Taylor Kydd on 10/02/2007

SAL: I’ll be tearing myself away this week from my usual preoccupations with kids stuff, lighting, rugs and art to think about the outside of our homes and unearthing what cool goodness I find there. To start us off, check out these cool Plane Address Numerals for outside your home from Unica Home.

Categories: Outdoor, Sal

INSIDE/OUTSIDE: rub a dub dub
Posted by Sal Taylor Kydd on 9/12/2007

SAL: As we’re looking at bathroom layouts for the Kydd House there’s a little bit of pressure mounting as to what style of tub we want. Is it freestanding, or built-in? These decisions will impact the final bathroom design. A freestanding tub is a majestic thing, it needs room, it needs placement. I’m a big fan of a good tub, even though I might not use it for 360 out of 365 days a year - boy for those five days I’ll be REALLY glad I had it! Tub-searches are not so easy to do online, like a bed, there’s something about a tub that you really need to experience first hand before making a decision. That being said, I had a bit of a mooch about and found some gorgeous options. The Water Monopoly company in London has a great site to look at for ideas, the Paris tub pictured above is a nice combination of classic and contemporary. Vintage tub is a great stop if it’s a clawfoot tub you’re after, and Waterworks classic tub was a not-too-crazily-priced, but elegant built-in tub. I’m not one for the jets, or inline heating, so I’m hoping my needs will be relatively easy to address. If I can’t find what I’m after, I may just throw in the towel (pardon the pun) and go for a hot tub in the yard and be done with it. Only the classiest ones though, of course.

Categories: 711, BedBath, Outdoor

OUTSIDE: eat mod
Posted by Cerentha Harris on 7/26/2007

HARRY: I don’t expect to find cool stuff at Neiman Marcus but I really like this picnic set. The cups and plates look like Missoni might have a hand in the design. And the backpack has a detachable wine holder - what’s not to love. For more picnic basket choices check out Target…they’ve got a huge range. I also like the idea of taking a stripy canvas bag from QuelObjet and packing it with your own picnic essentials. With the weather warming up in Sydney and already lovely and sunny in Los Angeles I think a picnic is perfect in either hemisphere.

Categories: Dining, Harry, Outdoor

OUTSIDE: wallpaper it
Posted by Cerentha Harris on 7/23/2007

HARRY: I’m clearly obsessed with communication at the moment. Distance from dear friends will do that to you. I love this post box by New Zealand designer Catherine David (perfect for those Mrs John L Strong missives). It meets quite a few of our favourite criteria - practical, pretty and a little cheeky. At $580 (NZ dollars) it’s not exactly cheap but every now and then it’s nice to splurge. Also check out her cool shower curtains (love the bamboo one).

Categories: Harry, Outdoor

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