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Archive for Japanese

INSIDE: turning japanese
Posted by Sal Taylor Kydd on 11/01/2007

SAL: Here’s a treat for all of you fans of Japanese modern design. Designshop specializes in simple, modern homewares made by contemporary Japanese designers. They have some beautiful furniture, timepieces and ironware. The Designshop though is only one store available at JPStores who offer a whole range of Japanese products, from toys to food, from fashion to tradtional gifts. Ah Nirvana! Now I just gotta get me one of those Unicharm Superior Masks and I’ll be all set - “No disadvantages: Talk freely, breathe easily, protect yourself!” Sweet.

Categories: 711, Japanese, Sal

INSIDE: keisuke serizawa
Posted by Sal Taylor Kydd on 10/29/2007

SAL: Sounds like Harry had an amazing trip to Melbourne! I lived there long before Federation Square was completed - it looks and sounds quite an achievement. Now October is almost behind us, my thoughts are turning to holiday gifts. A touch premature perhaps, but I for one am determined to be prepared this year. I’ve already stashed away some great finds from Muji from my UK trip and also got a spare set of the resusable bags which I know a bunch of folks would love. Calendars also make a great gift and there are some beautiful ones out there. Check out this lovely one made from an original design by Keisuke Serizawa. These calendars are stencil-dyed and made on hand-made Japanese paper. They first became popular during the American occupation of Japan, appealing to high-class officer’s wives in U.S. Forces.

Categories: Gifts, Japanese, Sal

INSIDE: tenugui
Posted by Sal Taylor Kydd on 7/25/2007

SAL: Continuing on the theme of table accessories, there are some novel approaches beyond conventional napkins, placemats and tablecloths. A favorite local store of Harry and mine here in Venice, that also has a great online presence is the Japanese boutique Tortoise. They have a collection of Japanese hand dyed cloths called Tenugui that can be used for a multitude of purposes. In times past they served as everything from a bandage, to towel to handkerchief. You could use them for napkins, or just use the fabric for accent color in your home as these are really beautiful designs.

Categories: 711, Dining, Japanese, Kitchen, Sal, Textiles

INSIDE: kae higuchi
Posted by Sal Taylor Kydd on 7/14/2007

SAL: My sister-in-law Nobu put me on to the work of Kae Higuchi. A recent exhibition of her paintings was held at the Nishimura Gallery in Tokyo, Tokyo Art Beat described her work as striving “to convey moments in time when one recalls certain memories and their ephemerality.” I enjoy Yoshitomo Nara, and Higuchi has a similar feel, although not as intense as Nara, as Nobu says - the expression on the children in these paintings is quite blank and somewhat spookier as a result. I’m not sure if Higuchi is exhibiting in the US, but I look forward to when she does. Related note - Unica Home has a whole host of Nara-ware through a company called Cereal Art. Cereal Arts mission is to bring art to the masses through three-dimensional limited edition designs. Worth checking out.

Categories: Art, Japanese, Sal

TRENDS: muji
Posted by Sal Taylor Kydd on 7/07/2007

SAL: It seems I can’t pick up a magazine recently without reading about Japanese retailer MUJI opening up their flagship store in Manhattan. They have taken over 5000 square feet in the New York Times Building with a store tripped out by Japanese interior designer Takashi Sugimoto. The word MUJI is according to their site, derived from the Japanese phrase “mujirushi ryohin” meaning “no-brand, quality goods” and the store is known for its no-nonsense packaging, environmentalist attitude and minimalist aesthetic. Now I’m as excited about this as the next person, but for now I’m happy to check out the website and ogle the gorgeousness - see the elegant and simple end table above - from afar. Enjoy.

Categories: Furniture, Japanese

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