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INSIDE: come sail away
Posted by Meredith Alexander on 4/05/2008

MEREDITH: I find that everything I think is blog-worthy seems to be for the nursery and not the living room. I’m cyber-stuck at the kid’s table. This one might be able to go either way. I love this Viking Mobile which can be ordered with 3 or 5 ships. It seems like the most beautiful way to set sail a child’s imagination. The boats are made of teak and they look as though they would fit most any room decor. I know boys love pirate toys, costumes, decor, parties, treasure and well, everything buccaneer-ish, but this is pretty enough even for a swashbuckling wee lass.

Categories: 2008, Gifts, Kids, Meredith

INSIDE: cradle robbing
Posted by Meredith Alexander on 3/08/2008

MEREDITH: I was inspired by Sal’s bedding posts to share this with you. It’s the GREEN CRADLE. It is cardboard, recyclable, and just plain cool. Those of us parents know that a bassinet is such an ephemeral purchase, and it can be quite a costly one. This is the most wonderful option. It can also act as a sweet little toy holder once the babe is in his/her crib. Sadly, I have no use for it so I hope you will.

Categories: BedBath, Gifts, Green, Kids, Meredith, Storage

INSIDE: shama shama
Posted by Sal Taylor Kydd on 12/12/2007

SAL: Today’s post comes winging its way to you from the fabulousness of New York City. I’m staying at the Soho Grand Hotel, which, with its industrial chicness, is too wonderful for words. They even give you a goldfish at check in, which I find, being so far from home, a great comfort - is that odd? Hmm, perhaps, but true nonetheless. Anyway, along the lines of Harry’s giving for good this season, I wanted to highlight these delightful Xmas cards available through Sub-Studio. Not only are they cute, but all the proceeds from each sale go to benefit the Shama Foundation, a nonprofit organization providing educational opportunities for children of Madagascar. Thanks to Bloesem for this great find.

Categories: Christmas, Gifts, Sal, Stationery

INSIDE: christmas giving
Posted by Cerentha Harris on 12/10/2007

HARRY: This year my extended family has decided not to give presents to each other. Instead we have pooled the money and are donating it. The process of choosing a charity was interesting (we finally went with St Jude’s in Tanzania run by Gemma Rice, an amazing Australian woman. It met our helping-kids-criteria and had an Aussie link which was important to us). While we were doing this I was reading Dave Eggers What is the What - an amazing fictionalized account of a Sudanese man’s plight. (And an excellent Christmas present for anyone trying to understand Africa). In the book Save the Children crops up as a powerful and positive force in the refugee camps. They’ve got the usual online shop (see the sweet baby’s hat above). They also have a very smart Christmas gift program. You can buy a mozzie net, or a goat, or fresh water and are making that donation in a friend or family member’s name. Last year our dear friends Ruth and David ‘gave’ us a beehive. This year maybe it will be a goat!

Categories: Christmas, Gifts, Harry

INSIDE: fashion for Africa
Posted by Cerentha Harris on 12/09/2007

HARRY: I recently got an email about Tonic - a website that is devoted to selling cool design t-shirts and sending the proceeds to Africa. I’ve always been a bit cynical about fashion forays into saving the world. These people look like they’ve got it right. Check out the Net Tee. A shirt covered in butterflies in the shape of Africa. The sale of each Tee buys 3 mosquito nets. It’s worth having a look at the website, which is cleverly designed, even if you don’t buy a shirt. I think they’d make great Christmas presents.

Categories: Christmas, Gifts, Harry, Style

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