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READ: the wonderful world of oliver jeffers
Posted by Sal Taylor Kydd on 11/20/2008

I’ve been spending some time recently, what with the holidays and all coming up, looking for some cool gift ideas. Given that times are tough, I am determined not to go overboard this year. So books have got higher on my list as I look for goodies for the kids. What glee when I discovered the wonderful world of Oliver Jeffers! The illustrations are a treat - right up there with my other favorite illustrator Elena Odriozola of The Opposite fame. Children’s books could become a serious addiction for me. Jeffer’s water colors are also available as prints for you to decorate your wee one’s rooms. Divine.

What children’s books illustrators do you enjoy?

Categories: Books, Christmas, Kids, Sal

INSIDE: living
Posted by Cerentha Harris on 1/22/2008

HARRY: Having returned from two years in LA and settled back into Sydney I feel slightly jealous of any fellow Aussie living OS. Vicki Archer’s book, My French Life was certainly fuel for that fire. My friend Helen is a great fan of Vicki’s and showed me the book over the weekend. Vicki left Sydney a few years ago for France and renovated a beautiful old home in the country. Julie Gibbs at Penguin/Lantern published Archer’s book - Gibbs’ has got a great eye for beauty. Photographer Carla Coulson shot the pics for the book (I worked with Carla when I was deputy of the Sydney Magazine and she does do great work). The book’s definitely worth looking at…life overseas is worth thinking about. Although Tokyo interests me much more that France….

Categories: Books, Harry

INSIDE: mr harper
Posted by Cerentha Harris on 11/07/2007

HARRY: Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life, put together by Todd Oldham, has garnered a fair amount of attention. And fair enough. Charley Harper’s illustrations offer an exquisite sharpness and naiveté that I love. His work certainly deserves this monograph. Barney’s is selling the book along with limited edition Harper prints (the Greenjay is above, Bluebird below). At $400 they aren’t cheap but they would make a very nice Christmas present for some lucky person. The book normally sells for $200 (without the print).

Categories: Art, Books, Gifts, Harry

INSIDE: children’s books
Posted by Sal Taylor Kydd on 10/21/2007

SAL: It’s going to be hard to resist going on to ebay to check out those cool Aboriginal prints that Harry picked out. You have to be very careful when buying Aboriginal art - there’s a lot of corrupt practices going on so it’s important to go through reputable dealers or artists with established reputations. Anyway, something for the wee ones now. I’m always on the look out for interesting books for my 2 year old and absolutely fell in love with the sensibility of the selection that Julia Rothman over at Book by Its Cover writes about on her blog. Check out the wonderfully whimsical illustrations by Junzo Terada above. Terada also has designed a very cool wallet that can be found online at an Aussie shop Harry will love - Via Alley. Check out more from Julia’s selection below. I think I remember the Lazy Lion from my own childhood!

Categories: Books, Gifts, Kids, Sal

INSIDE: inspire me
Posted by Cerentha Harris on 10/03/2007

HARRY: I’m going to do the books page for Monument so I’ve started making a list of publishers to approach (I need to know what’s coming out) and I came across this book. An interesting concept - 1000 things to see, do, eat, before you die. Plays into lots of interesting anxieties! I can’t wait to get this book and check out how many of the buildings I have already seen. And with great buildings in mind I stumbled across German photographer Thomas Mayer’s cleanly designed website a few days ago and have been trawling through ever since. One of the most beautiful buildings must be Le Corbusier’s Chapel Notre-Dame Du Haut. I’ve seen a lot of shots of it but this series really captures the magnificent light. What an inspiration. I haven’t visited it. Maybe that’s my next trip?

Categories: 94, Books, Harry

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