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INSIDE: chris anthony
Posted by saltaylorkydd on 3/27/2009

SAL: LA has a vibrant artistic and cultural community, but too often in our hectic, toddler-chasing days we just don’t make enough of an effort to get out there. So this week my husband and I are making that effort to go and check out a new exhibition opening at the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City. Chris Anthony’s photographs are haunting, sometimes disturbing, but distinctly fascinating.

Categories: Art


SAL: magical kingdoms
Posted by Sal Taylor Kydd on 3/16/2009

Etsy continues to be a source of delight. I found these prints by Hidenseek whilst searching for some art for my kids’ rooms. Her work is both haunting, magical and sometimes a touch disturbing.  For those of you who enjoy reliving the fantasy and magic of your own childhood through your children’s books and fairy tales, this will be a wonderful discovery.

Categories: Art, Kids, Lighting, Sal, Style

INSIDE: it’s official
Posted by Sal Taylor Kydd on 4/13/2008

I’ve been working on our new office, for my other company Intent - monitoring the paint job, negotiating the look that we’re going for and so on. It’s a shared space, so I can’t run riot, but I’m very much enjoying the process. We’re also working on a very tight budget - so thank goodness for Ikea!

So far, our space is all white with one vibrant orange wall where the window is - which gives it a very happy feeling. Friday we took a trip to Ikea and got some Mikael desks as well as some Morker desk lamps - a steal at $3.99 until you realize the bulbs are $10 or so! And now to finish it off, I just purchased a couple of Alicia Block’s divine prints. We’re getting there. I’ll post a picture when it’s more together!

Categories: Art, Office

INSIDE: good art
Posted by Cerentha Harris on 1/31/2008

HARRY: This is a quickie - I’ve got to get ready for work and feed the kids! My friend Liane just sent me a link to Chris Jordan’s extraordinary work. Chris is a photographer and his latest works depict America’s mass consumption. The series is called Intolerable Beauty. Above are mobile phones and cigarette butts. (I don’t smoke but I do have a bunch of old mobiles I’m not sure what to do with.) Such intolerable beauty.

Categories: Art, Harry

INSIDE: nota bene
Posted by Sal Taylor Kydd on 1/18/2008

SAL: Since I’ve been working on my own, consulting and what not, stationery has started to play a more important role in my life. Let’s be frank, Staples for my office supplies just now ain’t cutting it, especially when I have notebooks like these to drool over! Studio Matador is a wonderful collaboration between artists and designers in Melbourne, Australia and they have developed an exquisite selection of limited edition notebooks. I’ve highlighted a couple of my personal favorites here. Above Kat McCleod, below Pandarosa and Mark Kayler-Thomson.

Categories: Art, Sal, Stationery

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