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Archive for Architecture

INSIDE/OUTSIDE: gjelina’s great design
Posted by Sal Taylor Kydd on 3/17/2009

SAL: OK so this is a little inside baseball. But for those of you who live near LA or are planning to visit anytime soon, there are many reasons to recommend a trip to Gjelina’s restaurant on Abbot Kinney. Sure the food is great - tasty small plates and great thin crust pizzas - but for us design-junkies the decor is really worth checking out. Think French-bistro-come-industrial-chic. I was told that the design owes much to the talents of architects Marshall & Agriam, also based on Abbot Kinney just a stone’s throw away. I’ve yet to find out more but am set to email to try and find out where they get their wonderful (round) tables. Stay tuned.

Correction - Thank you to the folks over at Gejelina’s for getting back to me with this correction on the folks behind the design. Marshall & Agriam were not the designers of Gjelina, it was designed by Studio Peel and Modern Arc Inc (owned by Crystal Wynn and Milo Garcia) Mr Marshall and Mr Agriam were former employees of Studio Peel and a part of the design team.

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INSIDE: for sale
Posted by Cerentha Harris on 2/03/2008

HARRY There’s a Jorn Utzon house for sale. The architect behind the Sydney Opera House built this concrete and glass 6-bedroom home in the UK (West Common Way, Harpenden Herts to be exact). It’s selling through The Modern House for a whopping 2.5 million pounds. Do check it out online - there are lots more pics and some really great interiors.

Categories: Architecture, Harry

INSIDE: knotty and nice
Posted by Cerentha Harris on 1/17/2008

HARRY: I’m getting into knots. I wrote a story recently for Belle magazine about a house in Queens Park - it was the home of Liane Rossler and architect Sam Marshall. A great house but the thing I keep thinking about was the pine cladding. It’s a sustainable timber but very knotty - and they relished the knots. Instead of hiding them they made a feature of them. There’s a sense of wabi sabi - beauty in imperfection. I love it. I was checking out Dwell’s site when I came across this kitchen in a Thomas Robertson house in LA. It’s got that same feel. Modern with a twist. Long live the knot.

Categories: Architecture, Harry

STICKYBEAK: touring venice with thompson
Posted by Cerentha Harris on 12/05/2007

HARRY: I’m on a terrible hotel connection so this will be brief. Just got back from a very inspiring tour of Venice’s architectural gems with architect David Thompson of Assemblage. Yes, I’m in Los Angeles. Just for the week. Slipped away from Sydney with the husband. A very pleasurable work trip! David, who is designing Sal and Stephen’s house, was kind enough to take me around Venice for a piece I’m working on. We saw some great houses…including one of my favourites - Steven Ehrlich’s own home with its luscious steel cladding (above). I’ll blog more about it when I can get online more easily. Also found some cool new design stores…more to come very soon!

Categories: Architecture, Harry

INSIDE: house art
Posted by Cerentha Harris on 11/13/2007

HARRY: And if the Wired House Sal just posted is a bit out of your price range check out these images. You can’t buy the houses but you can buy the photos. Julius Shulman’s iconic images helped define a generation of buildings. They are $4000…so they aren’t cheap. Still a bargain when you compare them buying a house. I do love how spending on art can be justified.

Categories: Architecture, Art, Harry

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