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Archive for January, 2008

INSIDE: good art
Posted by Cerentha Harris on 1/31/2008

HARRY: This is a quickie - I’ve got to get ready for work and feed the kids! My friend Liane just sent me a link to Chris Jordan’s extraordinary work. Chris is a photographer and his latest works depict America’s mass consumption. The series is called Intolerable Beauty. Above are mobile phones and cigarette butts. (I don’t smoke but I do have a bunch of old mobiles I’m not sure what to do with.) Such intolerable beauty.

Categories: Art, Harry

INSIDE: botanists rejoice
Posted by Sal Taylor Kydd on 1/29/2008

SAL: Forgive me dear readers for my lack of posting of late, but sick children do not a happy blogger make, nor a terribly productive one come to that. But I’m back, with gusto and elan - or something like that :-) Now - don’t you just love these Botanist benches from Orange 22? I’d seen them before, in Dwell as I recall, but only discovered where they actually came from recently. Orange 22, a design lab are located in the same former bank building in downtown LA where I’m currently working from time to time. And who could miss this gorgeousness? Designed by Brandon Lynne and Dario Antonioni, the Botanist benches and stools/side tables come in natural or vinyl finish - they’d make a great coffee table too!

Categories: Furniture, Sal

INSIDE: living
Posted by Cerentha Harris on 1/22/2008

HARRY: Having returned from two years in LA and settled back into Sydney I feel slightly jealous of any fellow Aussie living OS. Vicki Archer’s book, My French Life was certainly fuel for that fire. My friend Helen is a great fan of Vicki’s and showed me the book over the weekend. Vicki left Sydney a few years ago for France and renovated a beautiful old home in the country. Julie Gibbs at Penguin/Lantern published Archer’s book - Gibbs’ has got a great eye for beauty. Photographer Carla Coulson shot the pics for the book (I worked with Carla when I was deputy of the Sydney Magazine and she does do great work). The book’s definitely worth looking at…life overseas is worth thinking about. Although Tokyo interests me much more that France….

Categories: Books, Harry

INSIDE: reuse recycle
Posted by Cerentha Harris on 1/20/2008

HARRY: Here’s a good ‘reuse’ object. Liz Grotyohann, is a New Jersey-based graphic designer uses old magazines to create these classic vases. She lines them with resin so they are watertight. I also came across Chilean designer Rodrigo Alonso Schramm’s N+ew stool on treehugger He has taken electronic waste and created a stool. I’m not sure I like the look of it but I love the idea.

Categories: Green, Harry

INSIDE: nota bene
Posted by Sal Taylor Kydd on 1/18/2008

SAL: Since I’ve been working on my own, consulting and what not, stationery has started to play a more important role in my life. Let’s be frank, Staples for my office supplies just now ain’t cutting it, especially when I have notebooks like these to drool over! Studio Matador is a wonderful collaboration between artists and designers in Melbourne, Australia and they have developed an exquisite selection of limited edition notebooks. I’ve highlighted a couple of my personal favorites here. Above Kat McCleod, below Pandarosa and Mark Kayler-Thomson.

Categories: Art, Sal, Stationery

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