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Archive for October, 2007

INSIDE: winning houses
Posted by Cerentha Harris on 10/31/2007

HARRY: We had the belle magazine architecture award’s last night. I was the project director…which basically means I helped organise the judging process. Perfect for the control freak in me! House of the Year went to Jackson Clements Burrows for a home in Perth (it also won that state’s top archi award). And the Apartment of the Year was won by EAT architects for their Windsor Loft in Melbourne. Two of my favourite houses - Mark Casham’s Melville O’Connell house (see the pic above - it was beautifully photographed by Shannon McGrath) and Alex Popov’s at Whale Beach were finalists. Unfortunately belle doesn’t have a website, Popov doesn’t have his house on his site and Jackson Clements Burrows don’t have a website. Extraordinary. Sometimes Australia feels depressingly behind the times.

Categories: Architecture, Harry

INSIDE: mexican pulp
Posted by Sal Taylor Kydd on 10/31/2007

SAL: Inspired by Harry’s recent post on buying art for your spouse - yes I can’t get it out of my head! I was inspired to write about a local gallery here. I drive past the Applegate Gallery in Santa Monica almost every day and they always have really interesting work to see. Right now they have a great exhibition on Mexican pulp art featuring top novella artists from the 1950s and 1960s, together with gallery artists Mattia Biagi and Robert Palacios. Check out some of their other artists below, I particularly like Mark Hobley and Anne Faith Nicholls.

Categories: 711, Art, Sal

INSIDE: softly quilting
Posted by Sal Taylor Kydd on 10/30/2007

SAL: What a great idea to give art as gifts? Now let me just get on the phone to my husband… Something local today, these modern quilt designs are from LA-based Murge Designs. They have a great selection of bedding for your baby as well as great matching aprons and pot holders.

Categories: Sal, Textiles

INSIDE: wet pressie
Posted by Cerentha Harris on 10/30/2007

HARRY: Ahhhh…Christmas. My husband and I used to give each other art as gifts. And then we had kids and somehow we fell into the background and Thomas the Tank Engine and buckets of dinosaurs took over. Well, the kids are getting older and we are slowly getting back our focus. I want art again! I have always loved the work of Narelle Autio. She was (and still is) a photographer at the Sydney Morning Herald where I used to work. In her spare time she has perfected the art of underwater photography. You can see one of her pics above (to see more - and buy - go to Stills Gallery). She is also included in a beautiful new book (and exhibition at the Museum of Sydney) called ‘Sydney Now: New Australian Photojournalism’ (it’ll be out in December). I interviewed the book’s editor for Monument magazine - it really is an extraordinary snapshot of life in Sydney right now.

Categories: 94, Art, Gifts, Harry

INSIDE: keisuke serizawa
Posted by Sal Taylor Kydd on 10/29/2007

SAL: Sounds like Harry had an amazing trip to Melbourne! I lived there long before Federation Square was completed - it looks and sounds quite an achievement. Now October is almost behind us, my thoughts are turning to holiday gifts. A touch premature perhaps, but I for one am determined to be prepared this year. I’ve already stashed away some great finds from Muji from my UK trip and also got a spare set of the resusable bags which I know a bunch of folks would love. Calendars also make a great gift and there are some beautiful ones out there. Check out this lovely one made from an original design by Keisuke Serizawa. These calendars are stencil-dyed and made on hand-made Japanese paper. They first became popular during the American occupation of Japan, appealing to high-class officer’s wives in U.S. Forces.

Categories: Gifts, Japanese, Sal

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